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Maine Trail Dogs

Maine Trails Dogs offers play-based dog training in the Bangor area. We help dog owners attain a healthy and enjoyable relationship with their dogs. We provide dogs genetically appropriate outlets, biological fulfillment, and clear communication, allowing owners to enjoy a more relaxed and fun life with their dogs.


Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Georgie, owner of Maine Trail Dogs!

My journey into the dog world started at a young age, when I took our family dogs to basic obedience classes. Growing up, I was surrounded by dogs, cats, chickens, and horses on my family's hobby farm in Massachusetts. My passion for animals led me to career in biology, specifically in education and research.

My dog training journey started with my own dogs and has taken me through different training philosophies, mentors, and programs, before I found play-based training. Using this approach, I am able to connect with dogs on a deeper level, build strong habits, and long lasting results, by working with the dog's genetics, instead of against them. I am certified by world renowned trainer Ivan Balabanov in his Training Without Conflict (TWC) methodology. 

I live in Holden, Maine with my husband and our two pet dogs, Coop, a 6-year-old scenthound, and Willow, a 5-year-old bulldog. I do canicross, scentwork, and trick training with Coop.

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Maine Trail Dogs owner stands with two dogs in front of a lake


A consultation is required before signing up for a training program. In-person consultations typically last 1-2 hours and take place at our facility, allowing me to get to know you and your dog, evaluate your dog’s behavior and needs, and get you started on creating a solid foundation that we can continue to build upon. After the consultation, I will recommend a training program that will best suit your needs. All program content is custom tailored to fit your individual training goals.

In Person Consultation: $150, 1-2 hours
Phone Consultation: Free, 30 minutes

Board and Train

Our Board and Train program is custom designed for your dog's specific needs, moving at their pace. The focus of this program is to build strong habits for your dog to produce long lasting results. Your dog will learn how to navigate the world through play and proper communication. They will learn basic obedience, household manners, leash walking, offleash reliability, and more. Your dog will be staying with me in my home and will receive many training sessions, play, walks, and public outings to get them prepared to return to you a happier and better behaved companion. 

This immersive training program comes with all necessary equipment. You will receive regular updates on your dog's progress including photos and videos. The Board and Train program includes 1 hand over session in person, as well as 2 follow-up sessions to set you and your dog up for success after the program ends. I will continue to be a resource for life-long support for you and your dog, following the conclusion of the Board and Train program.

Board and Train Programs last 4-6 weeks, costing $4000-6000, depending on goals and behavioral issues

Homeschool Program

In the Homeschool Program program, I will come to your house to train your dog 2-4 days per week for 1-1.5 hours and we will have lessons once a week to show you what your dog has been learning and allow you to practice with your dog under my guidance. We can cover a wide range of training goals including reactivity, basic manners, basic obedience, and offleash reliability. You are not required to be at home during the training days. I will work your dog both in your home and neighborhood and take them on outings. Daily training programs typically last three to eight weeks, depending on training goals and behavior issues.

Starting at $600/week
Offered to clients within a 30 minute radius of Holden, ME

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for committed owners who are ready to work towards a more enjoyable life with their dog! We offer training for dogs in household manners, leash walking, recall, offleash reliability, crate training, and more using a play-based approach. We also offer lessons on teaching your dog how to play possession games and chase & catch, scentwork, and more! Private lessons are also a great option for new puppy owners looking to build a great foundation for their puppy. Puppy lessons focus on household manners, crate/potty training, proper socialization, and play development.

3 Lesson Package for $450, ideal for dogs without severe behavior issues and puppies
6 Lesson Package for $900, for behavior modification programs

Lessons take place at our facility - individual in-home lessons cost $200, with a travel fee depending on distance


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